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America's Next Top Model ANTM Discussion!

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tvyak America's Next Top Model, final 4: Horseback Makes The Girls Go Loopy!

We start of the show with some*weird*slow music and casting shots with the girls talking very*dramatically*and acting as if one of them is about to die. No seriously. I thought someone was gonna get stabbed. So overly-dramatic!

They continue to keep changing the music styles, from sad, to happy, to dance music. So*much*filler!

Laura, then seems to be replacing Victoria with the whole “mum” thing, which I guess is*OK, because they are college girls, as seems to be emphasized every 2 seconds.


The challenge this week is to do a commercial for the*Jamaican*tourist society. *They have to come up with their own scripts, and then perform them horseback. Laura is very happy about this. The other girls, not so much.

Laura goes first, messes up at first but then does a pretty good shot. Leila is next, and this is when things get crazy. She seems really worried after being attacked by that dolphin so she freaks out on the horse. However, after the fiasco she pulls a pretty good take. Nastasia forgot all her lines and ended up improvising, which Rob did not like. Finally, Kiara gets a bit scared on the horse, however pulls a really great second take.

In the end, Kiara won the challenge with a 9,*closely*followed by Laura with an 8. At the back of the pack are Leila and Nastasia with 6.


Finally, its time for the dream come true*photo shoot* This is a very commercial shoot, and will be a worldwide campaign so the girls really need to rock it!

According to the photographer, Nastasia was good, but he*didn’t*think there was a magic shot. Leila was a little too stressed, but performed great at the end. Kiara seems very comfortable, and after a chat with Bryan Boy, she opens up about her mum. Finally, Laura is not owning her body, and the stress seems to be getting to her.

Elimination: Points are (Kelly, Tyra, Rob).

This week, I am going to do things a little differently. With only 4 girls left we are gonna be able to see all the photos and I will put forward whether I would SHARE, TWEET OR DELETE, them all. For new readers, a picture that I share is a really great photo that is nearly undeniable. Tweet is a controversial photo which I either think is great or horrible, however*others*may think different. Finally, Delete is a photo which is either boring, or just horrible.

First up is Leila: The judges think the picture might be a little too sexy, and the fans are not liking the neck. Personally, I really like the photo! I can feel the emotion, and I think the target audience can aspire to her. This would be a SHARE photo for me.*(8,8,9):

Next, Kiara: The picture has a great profile, however, Kelly thinks she looks a bit lost, and it*doesn’t*reach the target audience, personally I think the photo is really sweet and nice, however I*don’t*feel the power I could from it, her body does however look AMAZING. A TWEET from me: (7,8,9)

Third to the judges is Nastasia: The picture doesnt wow the judges, and they think it targets a bit below the age of the target audience. Too cutesy, personally I find it quite boring, so I would personally DELETE it: (9,8,7)

Finally, Laura: The judges think it is a bit too sexy, and Kelly really thinks it mixed the mark. The fans apparently have it as a mixed bag, for this reason it is a TWEET picture. Personally, I don’t like it, the hands just put me off completely. (7,7,8)

So when it comes down to the judging, none of the photos were actually amazing, for this reason the scores were very tight, the*call out*is at follows:

Kiara: 39

Leila: 37.1

Laura: 35.8

Leila: 35.5

The bottom 2 came completely down to the social media vote, and the social media disappointed me, for the sole reason that Nastasia has a better*portfolio*than Laura, also, looking at next weeks photo, Nastasia took the best shot of the season, which you can see on the ANTM cycle 19*Facebook*page, or next week in my finale recap!!

In my table, Laura still holds the top spot because of her early scores, but the other girls are closing in on her:

Should Nastasia have been eliminated? Who out of the final 3 deserves the win, and are you excited to see someone fall over on the final runway show! Make sure to check the final ANTM recap of the season next week. Thanks for reading.

Much Love


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