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Nhl Radical Realignment Plan for the NHL

All of this went down last night while I was on call, so I couldn't even read up on it or see what it's all about. Anyone else here have thoughts on the changes?

Personally, I like the realignment and I like that every team gets to play every team. I don't like 2 things in particular. I still hate that you play the teams in your conference more often than others. I also don't like how they are doing the first round of the playoffs. I think they need to consider a wildcard bit like the NFL does because you'll have a team who is 4th in one conference make the playoffs, but a team with a better record but is 5th in another conference gets screwed. Also, the two conferences with 7 teams have it a little easier for making the playoffs because there is one less team to fight against.

I do however like the idea and I LOVE how they will do the rest of the playoffs. The reseeding without conference bias is a great idea, in my opinion and can give us a Detroit v Chicago SCF or Pitts vs. Wash and those types of interconference rivalries can shine on the big stage.

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