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Default ANTM Recap: Cliffhanger Resolved, And Who Is Lovestruck?

Ooo, so we start the show where we finished off last week. All the eliminated girls come back in for the reveal of who is re-entering the competition. There are emotions going everywhere, girls crying. But before the returnee is announced, Tyra informs the girls that they are going to JAMAICA!!! She says that is for the 6 finalists, however, because of the social media all the girls continue to take part in all the photo-shoots. I assume to stop the show being easily spoiled when the fans were judging the pictures. So, all the girls are going to Jamiaca!

Now, things get more serious when Tyra starts to announce whom has not made it back into the competition with their average social media score:

Destiny – 4.53

Darian – 4.64

Yvonne – 4.76

At this point we are down to the four girls who I thought had a chance at coming back.

Jessie – 5.04 (Wanted to see more of her)

Brittany – 5.41 (Massive crying going on here… by her not me)

Leila or Allyssa. Allyssa is literally bawling her eyes out at the moment.

Allyssa – 5.44

Leila – 5.84

Leila is coming back!!! To the dismay of the remaining girls who don’t want the competition. Deal with it.

We cut to the girls back at the house, where there is some major b*tching going on (notice a trend?). Laura is annoyed with Victoria, saying she is not the victim and shouldn’t make the other girls look bad for caring about her. Kristin is annoyed with… everyone? She can win this apparently (with the edit she is getting, I doubt it). Oh and Kiara is poor.

Girls get to Jamaica

Once the girls get to Jamaica they are greeted by 4 male models, at which Kiara goes coo coo for one of them. The girls then arrive at there new house, at which Tyra is waiting, looking smoking! *Their new house is amazing, and the girls let there hair down with some dancing to some classic Jamaican music.

Tyra then sits down with the girls and the male models and gives some advice. She talks about how models are either smizers (face-orientated) or toochers (body-orientated). Only the top models are both!


This challenge is a dancing challenge, where they have to “dance hall”… I don’t know. They are split into three pairs, and each pair is given some coaching then has to perform.

Kristin and Laura seem ok in rehearsal. And their performance doesn’t seem so bad – they receive a 7.

Victoria and Leila are quite out of sync, however, it is obvious they are having fun and they receive an 8.

Kiara and Nastasia really rock it out. Could be more fun, but the choreography is amazing – they recieve a 9.

Kristin is being proper b*tch about being at the bottom. I don’t know why, but Kristin is like my Alexandria from cycle 16. The girl I love to love, while others hate.

Photo-shoot and Judgine

The girls are posing with Rob again, and another male model in a*lustrous*scene. They are on a raft, and to be honest no-one rocked this shoot at all. I didn’t see any picture that I feel in love with, and to be honest there weren’t any pictures I despised either. All very average to me. I think the order the girls were called out was from best picture to worst, but only by a small margin. I wasn’t the only one. The social media scores were nothing to be proud of at all. Instead of showing my opinion ( I dont really have one), I will give a quick overview of the judges thoughts.

The points are Kelly, Tyra, Rob respectively. And the overall points take into account the challenge, but not the social media.

Nastasia – Getting better every week. But a bit too much hooch (8,7,10). Total:34

Leila – Amazing body, but she is a diamond in the rough (8,6,8). Total:30

Kiara – Not a fashion shot at all (6,6,7). Total:28

Victoria – Not a fashion shot, no energy. Otherthinks the shoots (6,7,6). Total 27

Kristin – Seems like she doesnt want it. And needs to let go, then Tyra re-enacts her classic “WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU, I HAVE NEVER SHOUTED AT A GIRL LIKE THIS” (6,8,7). Total: 28

Laura – Barbie, rapunzel, great attention to detail (8,9,9). Total:33

So at this point it would seem either Kiara, Kristin or Victoria are leaving. The call out was:

Nastasia – 39.3

Laura – 38.9

Leila – 34.9

Kristin – 33.3

Kiara – 32.5

Victoria – 31.3

So, bye bye Victoria, she is crying about her mum or something. Next week the girls are posing by a waterfall! Exciting!

Thanks for reading, and much love,


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