Celebrity Apprentice You're Fired! Who will be the next Celebrity Apprentice? Mondays 8/7c on NBC!

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Default Money, Money, Money, MONEY!

This was a great week for Celebrity Apprentice! The task was to create artwork to sell at an auction and the winner would be the team who generated the most income.

The Men: Jose Conseco had to leave the team due to his father battling with cancer. All of us here at the Yak’s send our wishes to his family, but Jose did not seem to be interested in this show anyway. The project manager this week was country singer John Rich.

The Women: LaToya Jackson wanted to be the project manager, but actress Marlee Matlin insisted on her being the leader.

Watching the men shop at Michael’s was very entertaining! I can see Gary Busy in a You Tube Wall Mart video! *Meatloaf went off on an anger spaz and thought Gary stole his crayons (oh..I mean painting supplies) but all was good in the end when Meatloaf’s supplies were found. Eventually there was an apology from Meatloaf to Gary Busy.

What was up with Meatloaf’s shirt tag hanging out? It almost appeared as if he had his shirt on backwards. If you are going to throw a tantrum on public TV, make sure you keep your tag tucked in. The women would have fixed that for him.

Back to the women: LaToya was making a very nice hat with a glove image in sparkles in honor of her brother, Michael. The thought of all the women having their hand prints and signatures on one canvas was smart.

The men seemed to have everything together and a brilliant move on the part of John Rich was to donate a Gibson guitar signed by all the men on team.

WTo throw this all together, the men seemed to have everything all together with a line outside waiting for the auctionand the guitar went for a whopping $470,000! The women also did very well with bids online and over the phone, including who showed up, seemed high. The men had a leg up on the women. The men sold out of ALL of their creations. The women appeared to be scrambling.


Both sides thought they did an amazing job and both stood behind their project managers. Donald Trump did something he never did…he said if both sides agree, he will let both of the project managers keep the money raised for their charities. Both sides did agree. The big story is that not only did both sides collect more money individually in Celebrity Apprentice, but also collectively!


The WOMEN! The men raised a total of $626,000 and the women won an amazing total of $986,000! Mr. Trump kicked in the additional $14,000 to boost the womens team to an even million.

Both project leaders earned a HUGE amount for their charities. John Rich is sponsoring St. Judes, a charity for children with cancer and Marlee Matlin is sponsoring a charity for disabled hearing. Great going both teams!


Mr. Trump did something he never has done. He asked the women to stay and Marlee to help in the decision of who would be voted off on the men’s side. She was given the opportunity to not have any man voted off, but the girls decided that there would be a vote.

AAfter Gary Busy being attacked by everyone on the men’s side, Marlee came to his rescue and encouraged that Richard Hatch (first winner of Survivor) be voted off because he did not raise any money.


THE Donald had no choice but to understand Marlee’s logic and so RICHARD…YOU’RE FIRED!

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