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I still think the government needs to stay out of my business...My medical info is mine...I bought and paid for it, This country is becoming more socialist than any other socialist country.....

I couldn't even get my blood work results from one lab here, they said I needed to get it from my doctor...I won't and haven't used them since...If I show ID and sign a paper I should be able to get MY INFO......

One of my oldest daughters friends was raped by two guys (when they were in high school)....She left my house at 10PM that night headed home. She calls me at 3 am and was crying was at the hospital...I went to her because she didn't know how she was going to tell her parents. She is an only child....They did the whole swabs etc...Then the freaking investigator tells me, " I don't think she was raped, I think she had sex and now regrets it." Oh no he didn't....This girl was a wreck, yes she had been drugged, yes she may have drank, I don't know that for a fact about the drinking...But I went off on this man like you would not believe...Right in the hospital...How dare he...Like this girl would go through this crap for nothing...You know that SOB didn't do a damn thing for this girl....She never had children because of that traumatic experience....
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It's funny because this goes both ways, yet the other way is sometimes ignored. Sometimes a doctor suggests terminating the pregnancy because the women's life is in danger. Then, unfortunately, the woman dies during childbirth, yet the child is delivered successfully. Well, the family then comes to try and sue the doc for not doing what he could to save her life.

On a side note, a lot of stuff happens too when patients and their families consciously choose to neglect sharing a particular bit of information with the doctor that might have proved valuable in the end. Lawyers help that family work around the white lie to still sue the doc. They're not always successful, but it's amazing how many people gamble with their own and with other people's healthcare.

We live in an incredibly volatile world and I honestly don't know where the happy medium is here, but what I do know is that if we don't find it soon, it might not bode well. People need to stop being selfish 100% of the time and start thinking about more than filling their pockets with dough and inflating egos.
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Something for sure needs to be done about frivilous lawsuits. Maybe have the patient sign a paper that explains all the dr. Has told them... But this law isnt the way to do it. This law protects doctors 100% even for lying to a patient... He is my doctor because I pay him to be such. He tells me everything about my health or he shouldnt be my doctor or get my money. Its like going out to buy, say, a dvd, and the store clerk getting to choose what movie you get as you hand them your $20.
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