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Default Super PACs

Remember that Supreme Court Ruling enabling unlimited donations by corporations and super PACs? Here's the effects.

‘Independents’ Candidates Really Love
Published: August 28, 2011

There was no little dog Toto to pull back the curtain, but the fiction was clear when the presidential candidate Mitt Romney dropped by an event run by a political “Super PAC” with the Oz-like name of Restore Our Future.

The Super PAC, which by law is supposed to be strictly independent of the Romney campaign, happened to have been formed by some of his closest political aides so they can drum up unlimited donations from individuals and corporations. But, for the life of us, we can’t figure out what’s independent about it.

Mr. Romney and his loyalists aren’t the only ones playing this game. Which is still no excuse. All the major Republican candidates are bolstered by Super PAC machines. Some of President Obama’s closest political veterans have eschewed his official campaign in order to mine unlimited money via a supposedly independent entity called Priorities USA Action.

The law’s requirement for independence and lack of coordination between candidates and Super PACs is being turned into a cynical joke. And far from objecting, the Federal Election Commission, which is supposed to be policing such abuses, has ruled candidate drop-bys — like Mr. Romney’s Super PAC visit — are permissible. Candidates can even solicit money at these events up to the smaller campaign limits, while the deep-pocketed enthusiasts can write second, far bigger checks in the name of Super PAC independence. The coming machinations will make the Swift Boat schemers look like pikers.

The Romney Super PAC has already been blessed with mystery million-dollar donations, including one via a dummy corporation that had to be hurriedly disclosed lest it violate the law. “No harm, no foul,” Mr. Romney assured voters about the donation, sounding like a candidate for the F.E.C.

Charming little bastard, Super PACs are. Dilute the power of the voter much?

For further Reading on Super PACs click here
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Yes, they are all doing it and it's disgusting. At the same time, if one candidate does it, and you are a different candidate, don't you HAVE to do it then to raise the amount of money it will take to get elected?

It's a vicious circle, and Citizens United is 100% crap. Personally, I think all money needs to be taken from politics. Let what is set aside (people donating from their taxes etc.) be used for political ambition. Have the FCC put aside "free" airtime on major networks for the candidates to make their remarks. Otherwise, get the money out. We might see much better candidates if it weren't all about money. Instead, look at the ones we are getting now... Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Cain, Bachman, Trump... What a choice! There is no chance that we will ever see a "Mr. Smith" going to Washington anymore.
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