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Default YakCalls: Big Brother Canada Recap 3

WOW, what a week!! It has been a BUSY week in the BBCA house. Tom as HOH nominated Suzette and Gary. BBCA announced that the people of Canada would hold a POV this week also that would be announced during the eviction show. Expect the unexpected from the production staff takes on new meaning for the viewers!

Andrew answered a call in the store room BB tells him the task must be secret or serious consequences. He may choose any reason cook the worst meal ever but your housemates must compliment you on it and if they do the reward will be pizza and beer for the entire house. Andrew tells the houseguests he wants to cook a meal for them to celebrate what would have been his father’s 70th birthday. He made a terrible meal that the houseguests all dutifully ate with Tom even going back for seconds of this “super amazing” meal…RING RING…BB tells Andrew he has completed the task, beer and pizza are seen by Andrew in the store room! Andrew share the good news with the others and all proceed to have a really good time. Talla seemed to take the bull by the horns and gave Aneal then Tom lap dances.

Time for the POV player picking:
They head out to the yard to see an icerink time for the Big Brother Puck-Off pictures of all the veto players at one end, the players will need to answer questions first correct answer get to shoot the puck with the objective being to break the others pictures ubtil last face standing is the holder of the POV! Tom does win the POV also making him the first BBCA houseguest to win 2 POVs.

During the POV ceremony Tom holds true to his word and uses the power to save Gary from eviction. He has spoken to AJ beforehand to be sure that AJ know he is the pawn and that Suzette will be leaving the house with a 10-0 vote. AJ becomes the replacement put up for eviction.

Eviction night brings a shock and awe to the unsuspecting houseguests when Arisa announces the twist that the people of Canada have voted to save either Suzette or AJ from eviction tonight! After a few commercials and a dramatic pause Arisa announces that Suzette is safe and inform Tom he must name a replacement that cannot be Gary since he was saved by the POV this week! Tom confers in the store room with Emmett to figure out what to do tonight afraid that AJ may not be safe with certain people against him. Tom called back to the living room and places Aneal up for eviction. The vote is 8-2(Jillian and Liza) with Aneal being the third person evicted from the big brother house.
Aneal gets a standing ovation
Aria: “Did you see that coming?”
Aneal: “No—-I got double back doored you could say!”
Aria shares that his thesis is going to be on his BB experience.

The houseguest are in the back yard dreesed as bees for the HOH competition! The Bees Knees be the first to fill your hive with the pollen balls on the flowers must yellow as well as 3 each of blue and red. They can’t use hands to transport the pollen to the hive if you do you will be disqualified. Gary and Alec were in the lead but from out of nowhere Emmett wins the HOH.

Sunday show does the routine showing of the HOH room and reading of the letter, his mom likes Glitter Gary! The house is visited by the front door opening and leprechauns walking into the house, they parade thru the house and yard. The houseguests are calling for them not to leave they are excited to see people!

BB all Hgs to living room 4 of you were caught breaking rules in Bees Knees competition. Here is the evidence and they are shown tape when they see Emmett, Jillian, Talla and Alec; you are all guilty therefore results of yesterday’s HOH no longer stand Emmett you have lost your position therefore today’s have not competition will be the HOH. BB tells them the 4 can’t compete and will be this weeks have nots. This turn of events has Alec being a have not for the third time. Tom told he will host. BB: the power is once again up for grabs.

Remember That is the competition they have a shamrock with true on 1 side false on other person with most points wins. Tom asks a series of questions and in the end is a three way tie between AJ, Suzette and Gary. They move to the tie-breaker question How many seconds witout going over did the parade last? The power shifts again with Gary winning the HOH!

Nominations were also shown with quick glimpses into the conversations that Gary had with other houseguest. Gary has nominated Tom and Liza. Gary shares: Tom I have nominated you because I want Liza out she is very social I am planning on winning POV and taking you off; Liza you are a social force I wish you luck in the veto to take yourself off to stay.

Reminder the first double eviction from the BBCA house will be on Thursday!
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Glitter Gary Nomination ceremomy!!

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