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My thoughts on "Cry Pretty" by Carrie Underwood. Putting links for my Top 4.

1 - Cry Pretty - lead single. Definitely a different sound for her, setting the tone for the album. More relatable than most of her other songs. Knowing about her fall and the 3 miscarriages she went through since early 2017, this song takes on a whole new meaning. Of course the vocal gymnastics at the end!!

2 - Ghosts on the Stereo - Probably the most "country" song on the album. I love the idea of this song. Great homage to country greats. Another song easily related to!

3 - Low - Holy hell the vocal calisthenics here! More conviction in her voice. Perhaps the most "miscarriage" centric song. And I don't want to equate all of the songs to her personal life, but she did say this album was more personal than ever before.

4 - Backsliding - I want to like this song. I relate to the concept, if I'm being honest. I just don't like the repetitive "backsliding" through the whole song. I respect her trying something totally different. I don't hate the song but definitely not in my top for this album.

5 - Southbound - Female party anthem. Catchy. Fun. It's good to see her have some fun with this. Also a good song to break up the more serious content the rest of the album had.

6 - That Song That We Used To Make Love To - I love that Carrie is singing about sex! Totally out of her box. I kinda like it and the more I listen to it, the more I appreciate it.

7 - Drinking Alone - possibly the album's best. Sultry, R&B feel to this country ditty. I love the story. It's relatable (theme) and kinda sexy. Totally not her style but she does it so well! I want more! Also ... Kelly Clarkson collab with this song, anyone?!

8 - The Bullet - One of my favorites from this album. She tackles a very important topic without being too polarizing. While I wouldn't have minded a polarizing moment, the message is better transmitted to all folks when you just provide a story with this message. So beautiful and just what we need to reflect on. I cry when I hear this song. True goosies.

9 - Spinning Bottles - In contest with Drinking Alone for the album's best. First off, the demo was used for the track here! Wowza. Totally powerhouse with her subtle vocals here with just the piano. We all know someone in the position this song sings about. Great co-write for her.

10 - Love Wins - The anthemic song many Carrie fans (and non-fans alike) have come to expect from her. Another positive message today. Another line about gun violence. Overall, a hopeful theme to help us remember when times get rough ... Also, love the nod to same sex relationships.

11 - End Up With You - Catchy pop ditty. Not her usual. Like "That Song," I am liking it more and more I listen.

12 - Kingdom - Probably the most "personal" encouraging anthem she can put out given all she's been through. It's sweet and puts life into perspective. More vocal gymnastics and this song is very clearly cathartic for her. It shows in the vocals.

13 - Bonus Track: The Champion - not my favorite way to end the album. Would have preferred ending on Kingdom. But released earlier this year for the Superbowl. Catchy. Fun. Empowering.
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