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Default YakCalls: Big Brother Canada Recap 2

The house had a busy week getting into the regular show routine. They held the second POV of the season Jillian, Gary , Aneal, Danielle, Peter and AJ with hosting duty going to Liza. Oh Snow YOu Didn’t involed forming snowballs ,going round a merry go round, walking a balance beam of sorts and then throwing to knock down 6 snowmaen targets. Gary dominated the competition but won the POV on his last snowball. Gary did remove himself from the block and Danielle was named as a replacement. Yes folks, she volunteered to be a pawn!

Peter was met by a talking Marcia Moose that assigned him the task of using 3 different assigned quotes in conversation and if completed the house would get a reward. The quotes and the houseguest told it are:
1:I am developing a rash in an awkward spot—tells Talla
2:A woman knows the face of love the way a sailor know the sea–tells Liza
3:The fool douth think he is wise but the wiseman knows he is a fool–tries with AJ but forgets the quote moos tells him he has to pass it off as his own—an argument is going on about poker so he said it to Andrew
Peter wins the house a reward. Marcia Moose at the end was hitting on Peter but was told to keep Marcia Moose a secret like it never happened! The reward was ski party at the hot tub and even the have nots were allowed to eat and drink liquor.

While the Wednesday night show aired the houseguests were busy putting on a fashion show that was Glitter Gary powered. He did an amazing job getting all the girls ready and was most defintely the show stealer looking stunning in drag! Big brother showed support of the fun by dimming the lights and providing music for the event. Big Brother even managed some quick editing to all the fashion show to be seen on the Thursday night episode. Kudos to Gary for securing all his fellow houseguests in participating!

Eviction night by a vote of 8-3 had Danielle shocked as the pawn was evicted. She was emotional as she spoke with host Arisa outside the house. The HOH was a majority rules competition that was won in the five way tie breaker by Tom.

Sunday night brought viewing of the Have Not competition featuring 3 teals of 4. Three of the team made up the slingshot crew that launched the apples to the farmer for catching over the “fence” first 2 teams to have caught 10 are the haves for the week.
Red Team- Talla Peter Liza and Suzette
Green Team- Alec Topaz Jillian and Aneal
Blue Team- Gary Andrew AJ and Emmett
The blue team finshed first followed by the red leaving the green team nauscous at the thought of slop. Alec became the first houseguest on BBCA to be on slop for two weeks.

The house also had earned a punishment and were told when BB calls them to living room says that someone messed with one of the cameras & are in for one hell of a night!
When the alarm/bell goes off they must all hurry to the living room where they were given a task to complete. They did this for most of the night!
1-human pyramid
2-all had to get in showers with it running for 5 minutes
3-had to brush the others teeth
4-hsd to do 15 jumping jacks then jump in pool & go under water
5- dance party with all limbs moving
6- had to make a froad from kitchen to stairs using only kitchen stuff all but 1 person had to be on knees stuff had to go from smallest to biggest

The nominations were last up on the show with Tom choosing Suzette and Gary for eviction, with his target being Suzette.
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Thank you again!!! Still haven't got caught up so this helps

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